Come hang with me.

Zoom Link

If you have any trouble with the link,
The meeting ID is 885 3149 2965 and the pwd is 904404
To say that this is a weird time and place would be quite an understatement. Right now is especially effervescent. Some people are totally anxiety ridden, some scared, some surfing the energy, some lonely and some just restless and maybe some would like to visit with me and with others. I had more visits in the last week or so than I’ve been having and it made me realize again, that the peeps are the answer so I’m inviting you to come Zoom with me. I’ll be in  Zoom Bistro at 8 PM tonight and the next 7 nights (10/29 – 11/5). I purchased a membership so we can stay as long as we want. I put the end time as 10 which I think is probably too long. Stay as long as you feel like it.
The only rule is no discussion of partisan politics. (Which we might suspend on election night or after – or we might not, depends on what the group is like) With the standard assumption of oneness we can talk about anything and nothing. It doesn’t have to be deep, but it can be. You can be doing art or knitting or nothing. We’ll only have 50ish minutes tonight but I’m willing to buy a zoom membership if we want to hang longer.
We’ll be patient and help you if you’re not used to Zoom. (You’ll need to be patient with me too, I’m new to hosting it.)
Set your reminder (I’ll have to). You’re not committing to anything and if you hate it you can always say your computer froze.
If I end up sitting there by myself, I’ll still be there from 8 until 8:50ish.