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Soap Makers

Hello My Dears, all the links you need for my recipes and tutorials are here but I am going to ask that you log in to get them. My stuff is getting scattered around the Internet without my name on it which does not make me happy. Please do not share the actual (copied) recipes or tutorials. Just share this page or the one the item is on. You are most welcome to print for your own use, create these soaps for sale, teach them or whatever, you know what’s legit.  It’s not the soap I’m protective of. There are probably no new soap recipes under the sun, it’s more the time I took to write and take photos and my plans to teach them. I’d appreciate your referring to my pages (with links) rather than re-writing (or copying) them.  (I won’t send you spam and I won’t give away your email address without a court order… or a $1200 soap kettle… for one of those, your on your own.)

Friends, please use the “connect using facebook” option to register. Spammers keep registering and the only way I can keep from spending hours trying to figure out who is who is by removing all non-facebook registrations. Thanks!! 

Oy Vey!! While I was trying to get rid of the spammers, I broke the Internet! No fear, all the recipes and tutorials are here.