Politics… The Middle Way

Today – after some snoozing – I am going to vote. I am not going as a republican or a democrat. I am not identifying with the left or the right but with The Middle Way.

“At the social and political level, the Middle Way could be expressed as the commitment to upholding respect for the dignity of life and placing it before adherence to a particular political or economic ideology.”*

It saddens me to see the meanness of politics and I have no desire to participate in that. I want to be able to be for a candidate without being against any candidate and without being too attached to the outcome or the political system or the government. This quote expresses perfectly how I want to be involved in this process and in fact, the only way I am willing to be involved at all. We do not have to be against anything to be for something. There is no need to trash someone to uplift someone else. We Americans have a ridiculously long (and nasty) political season. It would be so improved if we could participate for the good of all, in the middle way. (Or at least, not be dicks.)

*(Taken from http://www.sgi.org/about-us/buddhism-in-daily-life/the-middle-way.html. An excellent read.)