My first sexual encounter, on video.

Not many people my age have video of their very first sexual “encounter”. I do. It was October 25, 1964. I was twelve and a half.

I’m not sure that I even knew what sex was at that time and had been well repressed enough to never have explored my own body as I’ve heard some little girls did.

It was a Sunday night.  Between 8 and 9 PM. I was sitting in a chair pulled up close to the TV. when this started:

I was riveted, almost paralyzed. The chair under me began to vibrate and get warm and my whole being was concentrated in two spots:  where my body touched that chair and in my eyeballs looking at the screen. It was indescribable but this is as close as I can come and you probably know the feeling although feeling it before knowing it exists has some extra specialness.

I don’t remember the singers or jugglers that attempted to interrupt my flight but then there was more…

and my chair vibrated even more.  Suddenly the harsh and thoroughly disgusted voice of my mother came from behind me saying “Oh My God he is repulsive”  and I said “mmmmmm”.

That was the beginning of the end with my mother though it took a while for full disintegration and my sex life didn’t take off for a few more years either but that night was my first awareness of it and it was Jagger (and the boys) who did it.

I was probably never going to be “normal” (or what we used to call “straight” before that word came to mean “heterosexual”) but if you want to blame the music…. you can blame me on Mick. 😉