Making Sprays… Body – Linen – Room

You can easily make your own sprays. Those used for body, linen and room are very similar. Only the percentages of ingredients change some depending on the point of the spray. You could even use one spray for all these things. Here are the ingredients:

A base of water or aloe vera juice.  If you are mainly making a body spray aloe is a nice base for it. Water can also be used and is fine for a linen or room spray.

Evaporator: Alcohol – To keep your spray from overwetting what it touches and  to dry quickly. The healthiest alcohol (for inhaling the fumes which will be in the room) is Everclear or Vodka. The reason? All other alcohol is denatured, basically poisoned, so that you don’t drink it. (No kidding. And you aren’t supposed to drink it because the drinking alcohol tax was not paid on it.) Also, alcohol in an amount of 20% or greater will act as a preservative.

Glycerin adds stick-to-itiveness. It’s harmless and will not harm any washable fabrics (never bad to test an area) or skin. It is actually a moisturizer for skin and can be used as a fabric softener (though it is an expensive alternative).  It helps the scent stick and it helps it to linger.

Essential Oils will make up the scent of your spray.

How much of each?  Here’s a guideline that is a sort of middle way.  In a 12 ounce bottle you’d use 2.5 ounces of alcohol. That’s just over 20% so your product is preserved and will not make your body/linen/room too wet.  To that I would add about 1 Tablespoon of glycerin. Then fill your bottle almost all the way with your base (the water or the aloe juice) and then add your EOs.  I use about 1 ml of EO. That’s just under 1/4 teaspoon (There are 5 ml to 1 teaspoon).  I like a pretty strong spray and I don’t use the very pricey essential oils so I can add a good amount. This part you have to play by ear…. or nose as it were.

The above recipe makes a very good body or room spray.  If you are using it strictly for linens add a good bit more alcohol, this will allow it to dry faster keeping your fabric from getting or staying too wet.  You can use this as you would use Febreze and you can also use it as a wrinkle releaser. (Even more alcohol and a little more glycerin).

As an odor remover spray my favorite Essential Oils to use are an equal mix of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Myrtle. That will get rid of some difficult odors and make your house or clothes smell very clean!

For my spray cleaner recipes see this page.