Welcome to my life. Please enjoy your stay. You only need to log in if you want to access soap recipes and tutorials. Otherwise just look around, visit and let me know your thoughts on my thoughts.

Edit Your Profile – How to

People are asked to register on this site to get access to recipes and tutorials. I ask that you put some info on your profile so that I can tell you are a real person and not a spam bot or spammer. Just adding your name would help but it would be nice to know, in the bio section if you are a soap buyer, considering making soap, a soap maker and a little about you. That way you’ll be sure not to be deleted from the site when I am removing the “fake” users. Besides, I like knowing about you. To be honest I had no idea so many people would be registering and I’m trying to keep the chaos down. I also request that you keep the email options checked. (And make sure I have your correct email address because returned mail will likely get you mistaken for a spammer and deleted.) I don’t send out emails very often but I do need a way to reach people who are registered.  I appreciate this and will never give away or sell your address without a court order. (There is an email option at the bottom of the profile that is not checked. That is for people who sign up for my soap specials newsletter. I don’t imagine that soap makers need that so I left that unchecked and you can too.)

I’ve rearranged the site  so that even if you are on a phone you should be able to see the login & registration links close to the top of the screen. (You will also find login links under the tutorial page excerpts if you are not logged in). You can log in with Facebook or independently of Facebook, your choice.

If you are not sure if you are logged in or not you can click on a login link and it will either give you the option to login or, if you are logged in, to log out. (There is a registration link at the bottom of each login screen.

If you are logged in you should see, in the upper right hand corner of the screen a link that says “Howdy”, and your name on the computer or tablet and just shows an icon if you are on the phone. (These may vary some. I have a Windows computer, Iphone and Amazon Fire tablet and this is how they looked on mine)  The computer and tablet looked pretty much the same.


Hovering over (or tapping or clicking) that icon will give you the option to Edit your Profile or Log Out.

edit profile

Thank you and please keep coming back.