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2020 Holiday Pre-Sale for those who do not want the $100 Special*

Every year I do a special that requires my visitors to spend $100 to get super prices. This year I’m doing this page for those of you who don’t want to spend $100. The prices are still great and the products are exactly the same. 

Order by 11/1   ~   Pay by Nov 1st   ~   Delivery Nov. 30th

All products are vegan….

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2020 – $100 Early Bird Holiday Package

It’s going to be real different this year! 

(Isn’t everything?)

 One Big Difference:
One of you is going to win a full $100 package, of your choosing.
just for sharing info about it. 

Order Now!   ~   Pay by Nov 1st   ~   Delivery Nov. 30th

This promotion is over. Pleases do not order. 

All products are vegan. Many soaps and skin care products are not.
Good for the earth – Good for…

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