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Outrage is Not a Solution

I have great respect for animals and animal activists and with anyone who is doing what they believe in to make the world a better place but activism takes knowledge, often gained by a great deal of research or you may win the battle and lose the war.

In the world of animal activism I find far too often that the well-intentioned  supporters of animals are not informed or educated enough in the areas they care about to ensure that they…

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Cats & Poodles Sitting for Their Treats

It’s not that hard to train kittens.

I used to spend a lot of time training puppies. I haven’t done it in a long while but when we got kittens it was clear that we would have a free-for-all if they didn’t learn a little bit of manners.

I wish I had taught them a lot of other things but I waited too long and let them get bad habits. Oh well.


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Care and Homage of the Royal Residents

Cast of Characters – Canine

Far left is Dixie Peach, she is the biggest, oldest and in charge. Sometimes it seems she’s being mean to one of the pups but usually she’s just putting them in their place for something not noticeable to humans.  If it doesn’t last more than 10 seconds you can ignore it.  To the right (Dixie’s left) is Shanti, the mama of the two puppies. Shanti is black but in the wrong light can be mistaken…

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Using Fish Antibiotics on Dogs

It has come to my attention that antibiotics are sold for fish with no prescription whereas the same antibiotics require a script for other pets and humans.  I am not open to publicly debating whether or not this is a good idea. You can decide that for yourselves.

I sure there is a ton more information than what I’ve dug up but here are some good pages you can start with:

This is a site that sells the antibiotics. This may…

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Recommended CGC Training and test:

Crate Training:

Leash Walking:

Heavy Socialization:

No Jumping on People:

Remember if it won’t be cute later, don’t let it be cute now.

Dog book library:

Heartworm:I opt for the side of caution on this one

http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/documents/heartworm.pdf good 57 degree info


Flea Treatment: Frontline, Advantage, Comfortis, Cap star (special) (not mixed with HW med)

Vaccinations (Vac schedule):


Meds from Canada for HW and Comfortis

 Statistics: Tell the vet he is a lab mix.


High quality kibble – not from the grocery store!

Raw bones (never cooked)

no junk

steamed veggies


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