Vegan Meringues – Aquafaba

Vegan Meringue made from the juice that canned chick peas are packed in. AKA Aquafaba. All of this, from a couple/few ounces of bean juice.

It whips up just like meringue. When it’s fully whipped and stiff it tastes like marshmallow fluff. I piped it onto baking sheets for some meringues and a base for some other desert. The meringues are crunchy and delicious. I’m not vegan but I love trying new vegan things and I am just amazed with these.

I used the recipe from this page:

Now that I know it works I’m going to try that whole desert. Update: I did try that desert, the last picture is it.

P.S. I made really good hummus with the chick peas that was loosely based on this recipe (I haven’t made hummus in quite a while. Forgot how good home made was) :