Using Fish Antibiotics on Dogs

It has come to my attention that antibiotics are sold for fish with no prescription whereas the same antibiotics require a script for other pets and humans.  I am not open to publicly debating whether or not this is a good idea. You can decide that for yourselves.

I sure there is a ton more information than what I’ve dug up but here are some good pages you can start with:

This is a site that sells the antibiotics. This may be more than you would pay at a drug store It will probably be less than the cost of a vet visit and a prescription.  and this is another one

This page has some good info on Amoxicillan but you cannot buy it here without a prescription.  This same site may have info on other drugs. I did not search it. Dosages are listed here.

Here is another opinion on dosage for dogs:

More info:

Here are the explanations of some of the abbreviations used in prescriptions.

I also have info on heartworm meds without prescription and a way to make your own drug like albon – used for coccidia in puppies.

If you have additional info to offer on this or a similar topic, please contact me. 

I provide this info for the use of Rescue people and anyone who can use it. I am not a vet. I do not recommend anything, just give page links.