The Soleseife Experiment that Never Ended

indigo - out

Soleseife (pronounced zo-luh-zy-fuh) is a soap made from sea salt water and coconut oil.  Other oils can be used but only coconut oil lathers well in salt water.

Around July 1 I put a freshly made soleseife soap out on my porch railing to see if it would collect moisture or appear to “weep”.  My house was not humid since the air was on all the time so I figured if it was going to get damp it would do it outside. I also put one on a shelf in my laundry room, my most humid room. Then I forgot about them.

On July 16th I noticed that the soley bar had not diminished much despite rain (I had not noticed if it wept or not) and I decided to see how it compared to a 7 month cured castile soap and a 3 month cured Olive & Coconut soap. (Most of the scented bars I sell are Olive & Coconut so if you know my soap, those are the ones you are familiar with)

001July 16

On August 10 the castile was a gelid mess just hardish at the center. The olive & coconut was almost totally soft. You could poke a finger through the center.  The soley bar was still  not much diminished and was hard.

002aug 10

Sept 2


003-Sept 2

Sept 2



Oct. 13


005-october 22

Oct. 22


006-4-29 bar of lem-gr 10-22

New bar of 5 month cured olive & coconut soap added. October 22


007-October 31 2015

October 31, in costume


November 4

009-nov 19

Nov. 19th

Nov. 29

Nov. 29

Dec12-getting softDecember 12th… getting soft.

ChristmasDecember 25th

It’s hard to believe that this soap has lasted this long out here.  He is getting pretty mushy and I think a slap would totally collapse him but he’s not gone yet.



Poor Soley. This was Feb. 13th. He had been out there for 7 months, through biblical rains and lots of bad weather. His little remains are a kind of desiccated remnant of who he was. There is still a slight trace of him on March 17th but not much.



Soon I will start another experiment. I have actually purchased 2 bars of “soap”. (I really didn’t like doing that… which is silly.)  I got one of the Dove Bars that is full of all kinds of crap… and that people love and a good old Ivory soap which is the only soap I used in years before making my own. We’ll set those out with a new Soley and some castile and some of my olive & coconut oil blend and see what happens.

Stay tuned.