Spray Cleaner that Cleans EVERYTHING – 2 versions

Cleaners, Room Sprays, Body & Bug

#1) I use my Orange Sunshine liquid soap to make a spray cleaner.  In a 24 ounce spray bottle I add a scant 1/4 ounce of OS, a couple good shots (about 2 ml – or 2 grams) of Clean Mix (EO blend – details below) and fill it with water. That’s it. I’ve used that for the last few years and we loved it (way better than vinegar which preceded it.)

#2)  But Then, a few months ago … someone told me about Trader Joe’s spray cleaner and had the nerve to tell me that it might be even a little better than mine.  After looking at the label I tried another version of my spray cleaner. This time I used a scant quarter ounce of OS, About 2 grams or 2 ml of Clean Mix (below) and 4 ounces of grain alcohol (Everclear) and then filled the bottle with water.

I must admit, I’m now hooked on #2.  Some of my house cleaner customers still like #1 better and it is cheaper. Try them both and see what you think.  #2 is a little better for glass and window.

Clean Mix – is my own blend of EOs that smell like old fashioned cleaner to me. I love it and use it for many things (including a room spray that will remove lots of odors but most notably the odor of pot smoking. So I hear. 😉   It’s a combination of equal parts of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Myrtle. (look op the properties of each if you want the complete run down)

We use this on pet accidents, laminated floors, walls, counter tops and everything else in the kitchen. Also on glass top tables and windows. Basically, on anything that needs cleaning but doesn’t need the full power of the straight coconut oil soap.  It shines Stainless Steel (so does Castile) and other appliances.  I use this on all the tables after my art class. Anything you ever used a spray cleaner for, this will do, probably better and with no nasty chemicals.  Let me know what else you find it works on.