Solar Power – Playing with it


I’ve seen a bunch of solar power “kits” lately, the kind that provide power for camping or odds and ends. In Florida a lot of the sail boats had tiny solar panels to charge their batteries that were seldom used and long before that, in the early 80s I was involved in some solar experiments, had solar hot water and built a passive solar house. Then my life crashed and I never got that self sufficient again. It’s much easier to do in a group and since the 80s we’ve been a nuclear family until we became an “older couple”. So, here we are.

I’m still interested, though not quite as dedicated, to using alternative power and other carbon footprint reducing systems and practices. It’s a lot of work until you get set up and used to it. Then it’s pretty easy.

Anyway, I found a good site for explaining what one can do with one of these little “solar power toys” and I think it would be a good idea for us all to have them.  What if your kids could only watch the TV that their solar unit provided? They’d develop a serious interest in science!

I just thought I’d share this site which has tons of information, after seeing a 45 watt solar power kit at Harbor Freight on sale $129. (In the “old days” we made the solar panels and had to create the whole systems. If you’re serious about running on solar that’s worth checking out.)

This video on this page tells what you can do with 100 Watt kit and explains all the math involved, which is where you need to start and there is a lot of other good info on the site.