Soap Making and Body (or Linen or Room) Spray Workshop


This was the first (and rather impromptu) workshop if this kind. We didn’t call it a workshop. We called it a birthday party for Melissa.


It takes about 2 hours to make soap this way. (Occasionally it can take longer) You’ll note that no one in these pictures is dressed for soapmaking. Soap makers should have eye covering and wear long sleeves. We work with lye in soap and a lye has dangers. I did the stirring and blending of this soap to keep all the unprotected folks some distance from it. If you come over to make soap I’ll have you sign a waiver and wear goggles to work with the soap. I suggest long sleeves also. Before we begin I will make the dangers very clear. Don’t let this scare you. The oven is dangerous too but we are all used to using one. You just need to be prepared and know what you are dealing with.


We first measure out the ingredients then mix them and blend with a stick blender. After about 15 minutes the soap is ready for the oven. While it cooks I will teach you about making  body and linen and room sprays. All are similar but slightly different.  Everyone will make the spray of their choice. There are many Essential Oils to choose from to make the yummy spray of your choice. (Sometimes I do workshops just for making sprays.)


I will also provide you with an array of safe cleaning tips, ideas and solutions. My soaps (bar and liquid) will be available as well as skin food, salve and bug off.


We will finish up the soap in individual molds, each person will get approximately 3 bars. This can vary.


Suggested number of participants is 6 but I will do a party with more if you have friends you just can’t leave out. (We can talk about that)   Every participant must be over 18 and each must sign a waiver. (If you have teens you want to come I will allow it but must speak to parents and have parents sign waiver). This is an event where we cannot have kids running around. It would be dangerous. A lye splash is generally not tragic (I get them all the time) but a lye spill on a little one could mean a trip to the ER. Let’s not do that.


The cost is $35. per participant or $200 total. This includes all supplies for soap and sprays & printed recipes (and use of goggles).  Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.


This workshop is at my home outside of Myrtle Beach. If you would like a workshop done somewhere else for your group, contact me for additional pricing/travel and requirements.  If you would like me to do a fund raiser for you, contact me.  843.333.9930