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Phat Coconut Liquid Soap 8 or 16 oz.

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Phat Coconut is almost identical to Orange Sunshine in it's abilities but it has 3 distinct differences.

No Color
No Scent
Added Thickener

Let me tell you about this new soap. Orange Sunshine was almost the perfect soap. Almost. The only thing that was not perfect (assuming you liked the color and scent) was that it is a little too thin. It squirts out of the bottle too fast and can easily be wasted. Coconut oil soap does not thicken on it's own like Castile does. Even a mixture of Olive and Coconut will thicken but 100% coconut... it just doesn't happen. So I have added a pulverized cellulose thickener with the scary name of HydroxyEthylCellulose. Cellulose is just vegetable fiber so it's not really anything you need to be worried about. And it makes this the perfect soap. By thickening it up, it comes out nice and slow and does not get wasted, making it cheaper for you to use, and we all live happily ever after.

This coconut oil soap is almost magical in it's cleaning abilities yet still mild enough for most skin types. It could be drying so if your skin is very dry use this for cleaning and use our True Castile or Harmony for your skin.

It is an all purpose soap that can be used on skin, hair, fur, dishes, walls and laundry (as the label says). This is the soap I am currently using for my bath and hair and household cleaning.

I use it for dishes (it lathers like crazy on a sponge or cloth). One or two tablespoons will do the laundry. (Works in new energy efficient machines too) My silk painter friend uses it on her brushes. My bald friend swear it gets rid of flaking scalp. My anonymous friend says it cleans blood off the walls (and who is going to argue with that?). Many of us use it for dog baths (although I do have a dog shampoo bar too). Put a squirt of it in your spray bottle filled with water as a great all purpose cleaner or a couple of squirts in your mop bucket for floors. Great hand soap too. My mechanic uses the bar version and a lot of gardeners use the bar or foaming version. The foaming version is good for kids (who tend to use too much of most natural soaps because they are not as thick as commercial soaps) and it feels heavenly with a wonderful creamy texture.

This soap really cleans everything and here's what's so fantastic about that: You can just use plain old soap to clean everything with no detergents or never heard of "natural" ingredients. (Have you looked at the labels on some of the "natural", "green" or "eco" cleaners? There is nothing indentifiable in some of them and certainly nothing I can make in my kitchen, which means I don't want it in my kitchen!)

Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, water,

Size: 8 ounce pump bottle or 16 ounce with dispenser cap.

I do not use any fragrance oils or other synthetic ingredients.

For more information on using Phat Coconut for your laundry (or for just getting rid of dangerous chemicals in your laundry) see this page on my site: Although the page describes Orange Sunshine, this will work the same.

I do not use Palm oil which is most often used in soap that does not contain animal products (tallow or lard). I do not think it is necessary and I do not use it because it is hard to find a reliable, reasonably priced, sustainable source that does not endanger rain forests or orangutans.

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