Melting Coconut Oil

coconut bucket

The melting point of coconut oil (unless specified as 92 degrees) is 76 degrees.  This can make it really time consuming to dig out in cooler weather (and if you’re as little as me, it’s too much hard work). I set out to find a solution this week after wearing out my arm mining coconut oil.

I cannot remember or find who turned me on to this particular item but you have my deep gratitude. This is one of my best purchases ever. EVER! I did about an hour’s worth of soap chores while my coconut oil melted. The blue “belt” is a heater made for fermentation vats. The instructions said not to use it on metal but I deduced (with my electrician’s blessing) that this had to do with fermenting and not with any danger. I was so sick of trying to mine the hard coconut oil and this just made it a breeze. Got it from Amazon under the name “Brew Belt Fermentation Heating Belt”. I paid about $23 I think with shipping. Totally worth it.