Good tip for those who work with essential oils.

These are some of the sizes my essential oils come in, from a kilo down to a half ounce.


The pieces of cloth are my “dryer sheets”.  One of the disadvantages to using all natural products in my laundry is that if I used the dryer (and who am I kidding, I almost always use the dryer) there is no fresh clean smell. Although many of the smells we’ve come to associate with clean are really not clean or healthy I like my laundry to smell good.


There’s an easy solution. Put a couple/few drops of essential oils on a cloth and toss it in the dryer. It will not give you a strong smell of the particular oil but it will give you a great fresh smell.


When I am measuring out oils I always stand my bottle on one “dryer sheet” in case there are any drips.  I wipe off my spoons, pipettes and funnels with my dryer sheet before washing the utensils thereby catching drops for the dryer sheets that otherwise would have gone to waste.