essential oils

Essential Oil Important Info


You have to use logic and research.  In these days of mis-information we must all be educated.


  • Essential Oils are the natural distillates of plants and have the fragrance and characteristics of the plant. In general this is much healthier than synthetic fragrances that can be made out of anything without the ingredients being disclosed. Essential oils are also believed to have many therapeutic properties upon which the whole study of Aromatherapy is based.
  • There is no consistent or legal criteria for the designation of “therapeutic” in  essential oils, therefore the term is meaningless.
  • Essential oils vary hugely in price, often with no clear difference in them.
  • Essential oils are not safe or unsafe for any use.  Just like plants are not safe or unsafe across the board. Each one has different properties that can be helpful or not, depending on what you use them for and in what strength.
  • There is much controversy over whether essential oils can be ingested or not.  Some are used as flavoring and some are considered poisonous if ingested.
  • General info cautions against  using undiluted Essential Oils on skin (or otherwise).  Some are cautioned against for those who are sick or pregnant.
  • Essential Oils are generally safe (and without controversy) when mixed into soaps, lotions, perfumes, lip balms or any other mixture where they are sufficiently diluted.
  • If you are going to use a particular oil for a particular purpose (either cosmetic or medicinal) research it first and/or ask logical and sensible questions of the person offering it to you.
  • There is a slew of wrong information regarding essential oils online (and in books). I am finding that now, rather than actually do the research, bloggers, vets, Doctors and others are just saying  “No, it’s dangerous”  in a CYA move that only adds to the problem, not the solution.
  • This country does not generally, governmentally, or medically support the use of Essential Oils  or holistic methods in general so we are not legally allowed to offer claims of treatments  or cures.  I can feed your baby GMO corn without your knowledge but I cannot legally tell you that comfrey salve will cure his diaper rash.