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Dishwasher Dish Cleaning Cubes

This is about the only recipe I use (other than castile) that I have not modified (although I do add a little extra citric acid). This comes from Bonnie at Good Earth Spa.  I’ve tried a number of them and modified a number of them, this is the best. It’s still not great on plastic but I try not to have much plastic anyway so this is just a reminder to me.



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When Soap Seizes – What to Do

When soap seizes it’s just what it sounds like. It hardens suddenly.  Most soap makers know the experience of having soap that is “moving fast”, it’s thickening up a little faster than you had expected, or would have liked.  If it keeps thickening at a faster rate, it’s seized. I don’t know if there is a definition of the actual seizing point but I think it’s safe to say that it’s hardened too much to work with – to…

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Hot and Cold Processed Soap Differences and What Really Makes a Difference to Your Skin

heal41hp sent you a conversation on 09 May, 2014.

Soap process

I have terribly sensitive skin, and I’ve heard that cold process soap is easier on you than hot process (and that it retains more of the natural oils). I’m still pretty new to the handmade soap scene, though, and I’ve yet to give hot process soap a shot to see how it compares.

I do not believe that it’s true that cold process…

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essential oils

Essential Oil Important Info


You have to use logic and research.  In these days of mis-information we must all be educated.


  • Essential Oils are the natural distillates of plants and have the fragrance and characteristics of the plant. In general this is much healthier than synthetic fragrances that can be made out of anything without the ingredients being disclosed. Essential oils are also believed to have many therapeutic properties upon which the whole study of Aromatherapy…

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