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Moon Pictures 11-24-15

Like any good wiccan – or person – I am really taken with pictures of the night sky (and the daytime sky, come to think of it). I was thrilled to get a camera that can get this quality of picture. ┬áIt just gives me a thrill every time I can get a shot like these and then a different creative nudge when I photoshop one here and there.


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Friends & Family

Last night at Outback with Peter (Ken’s brother) and Sheila, my sister in law. It’s fun (and odd) to have family. We have been through many phases in life, big ups and potentially lethal downs but it seems we’ve all come to a place where love and living well matters more than our details on how we think it should be done. I applaud all of us for making love (of others and the universal being) come first. Love…

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Grateful Ducks
featured duck

I love all the birds and ducks we have in the little retention ponds all over town. I thought my new camera would let me get some good close-ups but I didn’t need it for these birds. They were tame as old dogs and very grateful that they were not turkeys. From yesterday.


pretty duck

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