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Being Bunni
The apron that started the dyeing thing up.

Let me explain what it’s like to be me. A couple of months ago I decided to attempt to use up some old craft supplies to, you know, clear some space . I had a few odds and ends of dyes sitting around. The night that I was getting ready for my soap pals to come for the weekend was the night, as some of you will remember, almost exactly 2 months ago that I became compelled (if not…

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Faux Kintsugi and My Mug

A few years ago I bought this mug. It’s my favorite one ever. I paid $30 for it which is more than I would normally pay for a mug but I use only one, all the time and my prior mug was 16 years old when it broke, so I figured $30 was cheap, by the year.

A year or two after I got it It got a crack in it when someone who NEVER does dishes, did dishes. (And…

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Chair Make Over – Painted Upholstery

This is a $20 Craigslist chair that I primed with Valspar Bonding Primer (from Lowe’s) then painted with standard wall paint, the kind Lowe’s does in those small sample jars that are only about $3 each, mixed to any color you want. I did a few coats. The primer is crucial, nothing else is. I didn’t use any fabric medium or any other additives. A light sanding with a very fine grit sanding block (or paper) between coats makes…

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Crone Wear 2013

Made from white rayon, white sheeting and a little bit of white gauze. Pants dyed with Carolina Clay, straight from the ground. No fancy process. Shirt (back) dyed with clay, front with rusty ornament. Trim is also clay and rust dyed. The cost of the patterns (about $16) was more than the cost of the fabric (all under $4 per yard).

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Highly Charged Christmas Gift
charger pocket

This is the little gift I made for everyone who was here last night and the “instruction manual” that went with it.

Here’s the “instruction manual”.

I was pleased with the recycled/upcycled quotient of the gift and with the lack of corporate involvement.  I save jeans so I had a lot of pockets. Each pocket has a bamboo skewer through the top seam to give it a little…

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