Care and Homage of the Royal Residents


Cast of Characters – Canine

Far left is Dixie Peach, she is the biggest, oldest and in charge. Sometimes it seems she’s being mean to one of the pups but usually she’s just putting them in their place for something not noticeable to humans.  If it doesn’t last more than 10 seconds you can ignore it.  To the right (Dixie’s left) is Shanti, the mama of the two puppies. Shanti is black but in the wrong light can be mistaken for her daughter, Coco who is dark brown. Paisley is the light colored one in between Shanti and Coco and at the very front of this picture.  Java (aka The Bean is standing just about Mid picture.  He’s a grayish brown and is the father of Coco and Paisley (but don’t tell them that. Neo – and the pups – think that Neo is the father.  At the right rear with one eye showing is Brighid. Dixie (12) , Java (11) and Brighid (9) are the old part of the family and although they are all one pretty good pack, there are some factions.  Shanti and her pups have a sub-pack and they are very cute and funny together. They love to play outside and they love to get filthy (especially Paisley). Img_8635


Feline Characters:

From the foreground clockwise is Neo the Magnificent, Then Ms Kitty, Axl and Magic (the black cat) ONLY Ms Kity and Magic can go outside. The two tabby cats can not go outside at all though they have been known to take a couple steps out onto the back porch. If yu use the laundry room door to let the dogs in and out you will be able to close the door between the kitchen and laundry room as a buffer. This only works for a short time because Axl knows how to open it. catsYou may not see Ms Kitty or Magic the whole time you are here. They are not usually partial to strangers. They may not even come inside. If that’s the case just leave some food for them on the front deck. They will be fine.

Axl may also hide. You can leave a bowl of food for him on the grooming table in the back bathroom or on my art table.

Neo will adore you – maybe not right at first but it will not take him long. He is a lover. But if he should surprise me, as cats often do, he will eat the food you leave for Axl, so don’t worry.

There are 4 litter boxes. Pay special attention to the 3 on the floor. The dogs consider them treat dispensers.  They are there because I put them in places where either Ms KItty or Magic decided to pee. You can keep the laundry room closed as much as possible and they will use the other ones instead of the one in there.)  There are scoops in each box.




There is no telling where they will want to sleep. Generally Ken sleeps in the bedroom and I sleep on the couch in my office. The animals split between us Dixie, Brighid and Java always sleep with me. Shanti usually sleeps with Ken. The older cats may be wiht ken or outside and the younger cats sleep on my face or some other place where they will be ready to annoy at a moment’s notice.  There are two issues here: 1 is what you want and how you want to sleep, with or without animals.  The other issue is that if the little girls get up before you see them they may pee wherever they feel like it.  If you want to make them sleep in crates they can do that. The two puppies should sleep together in one if you do that. They will fret a little but not terribly.  Shanti I’m not sure about. Dixie and Brighid and Java were all well crate trained, long ago. There are a bunch of crates in my side yard that were cleaned recently so they may have rain/spatter dirt on them but they won’t be nasty. Use your judgement.

You can also use a baby gate.  They are less likely to pee in the room they are sleeping in. There is a baby gate against the wall in the bedroom fitted to that door.

I just read this over and realized that I raised 4 sons without ever leaving this much detailed info for anyone who took care of them. Perhaps I should have had animals first, to practice on.