Another Treasure Found


Can you tell I’m sorting and cleaning and trying to organize spaces that have not been organized or sorted in a very long time? I keep coming across things that remind me of other things… and things I’m really glad to see, mostly that I thought were gone.  This time it is what appears to be the only example (alas not nearly the best) of Fimo cane work I spent about half the summer of ’92 or ’94 doing.

I realize this is not a terribly impressive piece of artwork. However, there are more than 50 rolls of Fimo making up the face bead alone.  This was shortly before the US was inundated with cheap cane work from other countries though truth be told this is another one of my passtimes that took up far more time than one could ever make worth while financially, even without the cheap imports as competition.

So that you can get an idea of how cane work is done, I’ve found a picture of some beautiful flower cane work thanks to Google images. I have not even visited the site mentioned on the photo but I thought leaving it on there was the least I could do.